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Kabali Final Worldwide figs

Tamil version
Tamil Nadu: 49cr share, 73.5cr gross,
Kerala: 7.40Cr share, 16.2cr Gross, 13.05cr Nett,
Karnataka(Tamil only): 11.4cr share, 20.5 Nett, 27cr Gross
North India: 1.2cr share- 2.4cr Nett- 3.4cr gross
Total Tamil India: Gross:120.1cr. Share: 69cr
Overseas Tamil: $14.65mn (98cr, ~49cr share)
Total Worldwide Tamil version: 218cr WW Gross. Share: 118cr

Telugu version 
AP/TG: 22cr share, 35cr gross
Karnataka: 1cr share( 2.15cr Gross),
ROI: 0.85cr Gross - 0.30cr
Overseas Telugu: Est $500K (3.4cr Gross, 1.60cr share)
Telugu Worlwide: 24. 90cr Share, 41.5cr Gross

Hindi Version: 24cr Nett(Closing) from North India only. Share 12cr, Gross 33.5cr

All Versions Worldwide Total: 293cr Gross WW. 155cr share

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