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Three Star Heroes Troubling Producers With Their Conditions!

Thu Jul 02 2020 20:20:16 GMT+0530 (IST)


The film industry has been going through some tough times these days and the producers are facing the heat due to this. Especially, the producers who are making films with star heroes are not knowing what to do considering the huge budgets involved.

As we know, many star heroes take non-theatrical rights as their remuneration along with actual fees. When some producers tried to renegotiate those terms for the deals already fixed deals, three star heroes are giving sleepless nights to them with their monstrous demands as per sources. While a star hero is completely ignoring their requests saying that they are already fixed, the other hero is demanding 50% profits along with 40 crores remuneration in place of theatrical rights.

While the producers are trying to sell these rights or show them as surety and get some finance for their other projects, the outrageous demands from these three stars are worrying them. Since they are from big families, no one is daring to oppose them as per industry sources. 

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