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There's a common saying in the film industry that there are no permanent friends or enemies. Most of the friendships are broken as there are heavy swings of profit and loss is involved in glam business. 

Here is another story to back that up. Abhishek Nama and Abhishek Agarwal who have jointly set up Abhishek Pictures have reportedly parted ways now. Abhishek Pictures entered into the film distribution business with a bang by hitting a gold mine with Srimanthudu. 

However, they couldn’t capitalize on the early success and succumbed to a series of flops. Then Abhishek Pictures decided to take a shot at film production and has announced multiple projects to start with. 

But things turn out as expected. Recently they have walked out of Boyapati-Bellamkonda film due to creative differences. 

And before they could concentrate upon other projects, differences have cropped up between the two Abhisheks who decided to part ways. 

Abhishek Agarwal is the backbone of Abhishek Pictures and he breaking bond with Abhishek Pictures will leave Abhishek Nama in a financial crunch. Where would this breakup lead Abhishek Pictures has to be seen. 

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