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I watched this movie after seeing the critics consensus on RT....The movie received unanimous critical acclaim.

But i was completely disappointed after watching the movie...I found the movie narrative to be very simplistic and mediocre....It was basically an unengaging drama...

So i want to know from Pavan_D and other movie enthusiasts as to what makes Roma worthy of its critical acclaim?

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Roma is partially inspired Cuaron's own childhood and the happenings in Mexico at that time. From a technical standpoint it is excellent. The storytelling technique is interesting however. Cuaron is famous for his long and uninterrupted shots. If you observe his other films there's a kinetic energy to them but here he had shown so much restraint and it is evident.. presented as a memoir kind of thing. Some past incident you recollect but we most follow the maid throughout the movie. May be because of Cauron's affection towards her nanny in childhood and how he had seen her. Putting her at the focus in the backdrop of racial tensions and class divide. It's a portrayal of specific time period in your life that has something of value to say, i guess.

That said i have one glaring problem with this film. The lack of closeups. Almost all shots in the film are wide shots. Makes one even more alienated to an already alien story for non-mexicans. 

May be that's why you didn't connect to it. It didn't age well with me too like other great films of the past decade.  

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Thanks Pavan_D for your analysis[wave]
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