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\ King in the north /
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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight
Mahesh & Prabhas kuda Spice PR clients ae. Vallu chese activities kuda velle cheyistunaru anukondi aithe. Celeb life itself is artificial or PR driven. Bad omen, married actress nunchi mud slinging stage ki vocharu anamata aithe.
Spice PR kakapothe inko PR agency...all the celebs are clients to one or the other agency and their actions will be influenced by their PR agency.
But, how does that disqualify her from getting this project? In one of my above posts when I said she can pull crowd that means she is a known face beautiful and has wider reach of audience. Acting nachaledu or someone else is better anna ok kani mari cheap ga comments chestunaru. As I said, makers know why they approached her. Anni meke telusu ani judgements pass cheseyakandi.
Mahesh and Prabhas vi attention seeking or movie kosam chesina dramalu ekkada unnayi compare cheyyataniki

Ante mee lekka prakaram anti-CAA stunt is equal to Mahesh's charity and Prabhas's charity works anthe na lekapothe inkemaina specific ga unnaya?

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Doctor Babu
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Enti vaya Prabhas21 thread title petti paniki rani discussion pettaru.  Once deepika meet prabhas on set everything will be fine ..Prabhas character.. his hospitality and humbleness is enough evaraina set aipotharu ...strong pr management lantivi li8 BB appdue chala chusam minimum farak padadu evarki ravalsina name & fame variki ostay end of the day 
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