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Originally Posted by chari0672

Science veru religion veru ani naa abhimatham ikkada vellu argue chestunnatle prathi religion vallu every thing in science valla books lo unnai antunnaru.

Long before Science came into picture with proven theories hindu religion had already explained them.

why are you equating them ? Also you never cleared the air as to what you believe in? I meant religion wise or are you saying that you are atheist and will voice your strong concern only when it is related to Hinduism?

proud hater
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Lol hinduism annadi asalu religion ee kadu. Its way of life. Appatlo religion and non religion books antu undevi kavu. Anni oke dantlo undevi. Ave as a part of learning nerchukune vallu. Untill buddism came inko way follow avvochu ani kuda evariki teledu. Adi emi telusukokunda pure hatredness tho prathi ancient invention ni hinduism tho mudi petti trash antunnarante ee range lo brainwash jarigindo ardham chesukovachu

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Originally Posted by thej
nava grahalu mana vallu chepparu science lekunda....

Ayyo.. Aa cheppindhi kuda science thone.. random ga yemi cheppaledhu..

Science - the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

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