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Off late we are seeing young people life lo edo okati sandinchina valle. Sushant lanti vallu oka ettu aithe. Today's thread about a young Telugu NRI Manchi ga settled ayyadu 27 ke repaid his student loans. US lo unnavalu urban circles lo unnavalle Ilanti decisions teeskuntunaru. There's not much mental health awareness in our country. Oka taboo la chustam not to be talked about. Ee madyane urban areas lo koncham better autundi but Telugu states lo it is no where close to be open about mental health.

Telugu Movies should start emphasising on mental health. Dear Comrade lo koncham chupistaru and I really like that aspect of the film. Going to a therapist talking about stuff very normal annatu andariki avasaram ani cheppali movies. For a start I really want people like Samantha to take this up when she does something like that peole are ready to accept. She should do a movie like dear Zindagi. Ade remake chesina baguntundi. Probably Venkatesh/Chiru as Therapist.

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movie just business and entertainment anthe,,antha kante ekkuva expect cheyakodadhu

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