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As a reply to your incorrect statement of 

1.  //Krishna and Sridevi are the only pair to have two consecutive direct 100 days films – Gharana Donga & Maama Allulla Sawaal//

I told that "ANR had 2 consecutive direct 100 days films in a calender year (that too in color forget about white and black)."

Both those films are ANR-Vanishree starrers released in 1972 - Vichithra Bandham and Koduku Kodalu.

If you have mentioned the gap, Krishna-sridevi combo would have been the record (gap of just 12 days).  that is the reason why I told about 2 ANR-Vanishree films in a year.

2.  // three direct 100 days films—Gharana Donga, Maama Allulla Sawaal and Chuttalunnaru Jagrattha– in a year (1980)//

These are not consecutive.  After Maamaa Allulla Sawaal, 3 films were released before Chuttaalunnaaru Jaagrattha was released.  That is the reason why I mentioned about NTR-Jayaprada combination of having 3 direct 100 days films in the year 1977 (Adavi Ramudu, Chanakya Chandraguptha, and Yamagola) as there is Yedureetha between Adavi Ramudu and Chanakya Chandraguptha and Maa Iddari Katha between Chanakya Chandraguptha and Yamagola. 

Anyway, a great effort by you on Krishna-Sridevi combo[thumb].  You definitely will get more if you dig more into that.  All the best.

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