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Link to buy this book : http://www.flipkart.com/search-all?affid=sudheerkri&wgtid=FK-AF-SB&query=killing+floor

My Rating : 7/10

About a Die-hard guy working with military intelligence.

Review: This is the first book which is written with Jack Reacher as the protagonist, whom you dont want to mess with for any reason. Jack Reacher will fight for the cause he is destined to.

Author started the book keeping a well build person in mind and set out few of suspenses in the way he is travelling. Well paced and well written without leaving much of loop holes.

Author: Set out with writing even the small set of details but took enough liberties while writing, though never went overboard with them. Shows how many ways a person can think, and written in a way we all like to think we were present in such a situation(Ideal).

Good read if you like thrillers and a OK book to persons who are well versed with loads of thriller books.

Time taken to read: 15 hrs nearly.

Reviewed by SASiSAi
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