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story has two different narrations.

the first plot deals with the rise of malik kafur from a hindu eunuch slave to the muslim general of the army of ala-ud-din khilji and how he keeps conquering kingdoms one after the other like Dwarasamudra, Kakatiya and finally Madurai...

the second plot deals with court intrigue in the Pandiyan clan. about how these morons have wasted their time in stupid squabbles and what happens when the enemy was at the door step 

ACT-3 lo first plot and second plot merge avuthayi.

this is a pretty good book for those interested in historical fiction genre. 

motham story antha interesting ga untundhi... its un-put-downable. 



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yeah nenu chadivenu its nice
this book did not have many online reviews at the time of the release
I took a risk and bought it and it was well worth it.
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