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naku unna some fundamental doubts... telisthe cheppandi..
all from our AP/TG perspective..
1. Can we say with some level of certainity on herd immunity.. are infected / asymptomatic cured people not spreading the virus again for sure ?

2. What is the level of infection in communities where the social distancing / masks is being followed religiously, if any. Masses lo elago kashtam expecting that.

3. How about our Indian immunity.. is the so called natural Indian gene helping ? BCG helping ?

4. mortality cases lo what proportion is due to Comorbidities.. AP/TG being diabetic capital of world due to excessive rice consumption.. sugar is confirm.. BP/ inkemaina unte many of our above 40 batch would be co-morbid.

5. If infected, how important is having hot water / gargling / steam inhalation from medical side pov. is it kind of placebo or has real benefits even if minor?

ilanti questions and suggestions cheppandi


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1. herd immunity kadhu asala mamoolga corona vachaka taggina immunity kuda ekva kalam undatledhu anta .. forget about herd immunity until its proven by scientists

2. ippati daka corona hot spot anni dense areas ey ... as long as we dont spend time in a closed environment like offices, shops, malls etc., wearing mask is helping

3. BCG ledhu thokka ledhu ... we are as bad as USA italy and every where else

4. majority of the deaths are with comorbities and age related issues, but doctors and health workers etc., are due to extreme loads of infections and side effects of HCQ etc.,

5. all those safety tips would help as long as infection is in nasal, thoroat channels .. once it gets in to lungs, it will give relief but nothing more ..

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TFS @python

On 1

1. herd immunity totally dismissive aa ante not sure. missing antibodies after two months is apparently in some 15% ppl it seems.. okavela nijangane herd immunity chala takkuva unte how about badly hit cities like Wuhan, NY, Italian,spanish cities etc.. akkada malla malla high levels lo ravalemo ga
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