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 70s lo vachchina oka routine revenge drama anukuntaa. movie mottaniki oka super hit song undi. 

nagabhushanam is evil guy and eyes on savitri (god.........). prabhakar reddy is savitri's hubby. naga fixed prabhakar in murder case and sends him to jail. savitri runs away with kids and loses her daughter. allu rescues the kid. sobhan is the sone savitri raises. 
ila predictable gaa unde story lo vanisri add avutundi as heroine. nsb is restrained by savitri whenever his BP raises to take revenge on nagabhushanam.

final gaa andaru kalustaara? revenge teesukunnadaa?? 

movie lo unna all time hit song "maayadaari sinnodu.. manase laagesinDu" tappa emi undadu movie lo. 

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anni super hits vunnayi CJ maya .

Evarina Chusara Yemanukuntaru
Eppudu Mee patalante elagandi sar
Yentha Baga annavu

tho kalipi mottam 4 hits vunnayi

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