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Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji !

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Minor Babu
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Firstly congratulations...

All performances were literally awesome...

India for foreigners is very colorful, lots of colors everywhere, traditional, different cultures, people come together to dance, lots of dancing
ofcourse they know about pollution, poverty etc..

I've got above response from most of my colleagues..

Seeing these v-unbeatable guys performing the typical Mass, very Colourful and energetic song with different acrobatics and not missing the mass steps - - literally they did splendid job in portraying our Indian songs...

Simply, after seeing the audience going hyperactive and mad, felt the power of mass indian songs.

PS: I can't post videos from mobile. Someone please post them

Minor Babu
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Miss India Miss Universe type expansion project ye edi
India slums poverty against odds rhetoric undaa malli
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