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OTT release does bring in comfort to the audience and obviously in medium-long term this medium will flourish..

but some -ves I see with this..

1. Movie team ki audience feedback accurate ga ela telustundi.. already there will be a set of people who will be in their own cocoons (monna Indraganti laga in BGM issue).. inka proper -ve feedback ela reach avutundi, especially about specific aspects where they failed..
  • Recent gaa choosthe, from the interviews / interactions, I don't feel the movie team understands that the movie is mediocre in decent number of aspects.. vallu idoka good-great movie ani feel avutunnaru anipistondi.. (or they are just publicizing the movie for a week ayina ayyundali)
  • Web reviews and Social Media are two channels where they can get feedback
  • Even in these two, we see the toxicity in SM from the so-called 'anti-fans' and 'fans' going a good extent to promote their view point (trends etc.)
2. With feedback loop only from the 'polished / tech savvy movie-goers', typical & nothing new commercial movies ki 'very good' feedback veltunda asalu..
  • Ex.: MCA & F2 laanti movies OTT lo vasthe I don't see a way how they will get even closer reception / feedback to what they got from a traditional theatrical release.. even if the reviews weren't great, box-office shows that people did enjoy these movies quite a bit

Coming to +ves:

There is a good chance that movies will start moving towards better critically acclaimed focus from commercial focus.. so in the long run, the content will be enriched..

mee views??
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